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        16 September 2011

How to Transfer Money from US to Australia for Andy Whitfield Trust Fund Via Online Way

If you are having problems with transferring money from a US bank to the Australian Bank account for the Andy Whitfield Trust Fund or you don't know how to, here is a good site to help you.

It lists physical banks and online agencies that can do this for you. Unfortunately sending a check/cheque is not an option because Cheques/Checks will be too problematic from a clearance and tax point of view. The paypal account is in the works.

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All of the money transfer providers listed on this site have been carefully vetted by, are regulated by the UK Government's Financial Services Authority (FSA) or the appropriate overseas body, and operate segregated client accounts and authorised to transfer money between Australia and USA

When you click the 'APPLY/QUOTE' button, you will be directed to the money transfer provider's web site you have chosen where you may need to register/apply to send money online to your chosen country.

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