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27 June 2011

New Photo of Andy from Nick Tarabay


Over at Nick Tarabay's official Facebook page, he has posted a new photo of Andy, saying:

"To all the fans, I just got great email from Andy( Spartacus ) He's doing great and looking even better ( As you can see ) and before you know it I'm sure you all gonna see him on TV again. That man is a true warrior. everybody repeat after me, SPARTACUS SPARTACUS SPARTACUS..... LOL"




10 June 2011

A Prayer for Andy on 30 June 2011

Passing along a message for all fans from Penny Douglas:

Image634432831757968750Hi everyone,

Last month I held this special event to come together to pray and leave well wishes for Andy. I did it last month with only a few days to prepare and we had a great turnout! I thank you all for that.

Now this month, on June 30th, I am holding another one and we have more time to build for it. For those of you who have passed this link on, thanks. For everyone, I would like for you to pass it on to everyone you know, so that we can build this up and get record numbers to turnout.

Gratitude for your help. I know Andy will be overjoyed and very appreciative of this.
with much love,


Click here for more about this event



8 June 2011

Spartacus (Andy) Action Figures on Ebay - Gorgeous!

I have to say these are spectacular. Andy Whitfield as Spartacus â€" it's impressive in the detail for both action figures by the same seller / artist.

1/6 Scale Custom Spartacus: Blood and Sand Andy Whitfield Figure V3

Image634431568702812500 Image634431569038437500 Image634431569435625000

See more pics of Spartacus on Ebay

1/6 Scale Custom Spartacus: Blood and Sand Andy Whitfield Figure With Helmet By Hunterpig

Image634431571580000000 Image634431572316406250 Image634431572657187500


See more pics of Spartacus on Ebay



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