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        16 July 2010

The Clinic in the UK in August 2010

England’s own Film4 FrightFest has announced its 2010 record breaking line-up and it’s looking pretty good for Australian and New Zealand cinema. The fantasy horror festival is set to contain four Australian and one New Zealand productions throughout its proceedings.

The Clinic, starring Beautiful Kate's Sophie Lowe and Gabriel's Andy Whitfield is a horrific tale of infant abduction that explores how far a mother will go to protect her children. The debut feature from James Rabbits, promises Raw psychological horror as Saw meets The Vanishing.


UK PREMIERE - The place: Australia. The time: 1979, before the advent of genetic sciences and DNA testing. While travelling across country with her fiancé Cameron, heavily pregnant Beth Church is drugged and abducted from a desolate outback motel. Waking up in an ice bath in an abandoned abattoir, she’s horrified to find her baby has been removed, an ugly caesarean scar on her abdomen a chilling reminder of the unfathomable crime. Searching the isolated gloomy prison for a way out she finds three other women in various states of medical distress but in exactly the same terrifying predicament. And so their deadly game of survival begins. Just how far would you go to save the child you have never seen? Raw psychological horror as SAW meets THE VANISHING with a gripping hereditary twist in director James Rabbitts’ feature debut outlining every mother’s worst nightmare.

100 mins

Director: James Rabbitts

Tabrett Bethell – Beth Church
Andy Whitfield - Cameron
Clare Bowen – Ivy
Freya Stafford – Veronica
Sophie Lowe – Allison

Australia 2009

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