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        23 March 2010

Episode 9 Ratings Climb Back over 1 Million


Episode 9 was THE best episode so far and the ratings are back over a million. Stellar performances by everyone. Katrina Law's debut was outstanding and could have easily been overshadowed by the episode stealing Lucy Lawless (don't you just love Mount Lucretia? Whooshka! Mount Vesuvius had nothing on her!)

Katrina held her own and wasn't overshadowed by the Lucretia and Illythia fireworks. Spartacus has a group of seriously talented actors and superb writing. I recall writing my review for the second episode and I said that there wasn't a dud actor or character amongst this cast...wish I could predict the Lottery just as well!

The whole cast has been an absolute revelation (Lucy being the exception. I've followed her career for 14 years now so it's no big surprise to see her own her character and let rip. Lucy in a group of actors who are just as talented is just manna from heaven. I can't believe this season will end in 4 episodes! By the way is it just me or has Spartacus been a little too docile? Hmm...something to ponder.

The following is by on Spartacus' ratings for Episode 9 "Whore"

Spartacus: Blood and Sand climbed back over a million viewers and with 1.109 million viewers saw its season and series highs for viewing. As ever, 18-49 viewing has been consistent with a 0.4 adults 18-49 rating.

Date Net Show 18-49 Rating/Share Viewers (Millons)

22-Jan-10 STRZ Spartacus: Blood and Sand .3/1 0.659
29-Jan-10 STRZ Spartacus: Blood and Sand .4/1 0.773
5-Feb-10 STRZ Spartacus: Blood and Sand .4/1 0.858
12-Feb-10 STRZ Spartacus: Blood and Sand .3/1 0.662
19-Feb-10 STRZ Spartacus: Blood and Sand .4/1 0.846
26-Feb-10 STRZ Spartacus: Blood and Sand .4/1 1.078
5-Mar-10 STRZ Spartacus: Blood and Sand .4/1 0.974
12-Mar-10 STRZ Spartacus: Blood and Sand .4/1 0.875
19-Mar-10 STRZ Spartacus: Blood and Sand .4/1 1.109

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