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20 September 2009

Meeting Andy and the Spartacus Cast...

I'm back from my trip to New Zealand (yay!) where I went to see Lucy perform in The Starship Supernova Swing. This is part of my report (relating to the Sparty Cast):

I also got the chance to meet the Spartacus cast at the concert! What a great bunch of people. Many thanks to Andy, Jai, Lesley Ann, Viva, Peter, Katrina Law and her partner Keith for being so cool (sure hope I didn't forget anyone). Those guys came to support Lucy and that in my book is MEGA cool. Andy has such a presence, he's a quiet bloke but there is something about him that tells me this guy is going to be one hell of a Spartacus.

Peter has the most gorgeous smile and so tall and before anyone says that everyone is taller than me, pfft :-) . Jai what a cutie...I seriously wanted to run my fingers through his curly blond hair (I did resist the urge). I didn't meet Manu but admired from afar when he was dancing. Lesley, Viva and Katrina are very beautiful women (they have that something that I can't put into words; their pictures don't do them justice) but they were also so sweet and down to earth. Damn, Rob Tapert sure knows how to cast people that are stellar. 

I'm looking forward to seeing these great actors on screen.

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