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31 July 2009

How TV's New Spartacus Will 'Bend' History

The following interview with Rob and Steven was posted on SciFi Wire 31 July 2009

We got a chance to chat with Rob Tapert and Steven DeKnight about their upcoming one-hour drama for Starz, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which stars Andy Whitfield and sci-fi icon Lucy Lawless in a retelling of the sword-and-sandals tale.

Tapert (Lawless' husband and producer of Xena: Warrior Princess) and DeKnight (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) explained why they decided to "bend history," as DeKnight put it, for the new show.

Read Full Interview



24 July 2009

Behind The Scenes Production Video and Interviews

The official Spartacus site has released a Behind The Scenes productiaon video and interviews with Steven DeKnight (writer and exec producer), Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless (Lucretia), Andy Whitfield (Spartacus), Craig Parker (Glaber) John Hannah (Batiatus), Manu Bennett (Crixus) and Viva Bianca (Ilithya)


It's quite a cool look behind the scenes.





24 July 2009

Official Spartacus Trailer Promo Released

Holy Moly this is incredible! Absofrigginlutely incredible. I was excited about the show before I saw visuals and now that I've seen the visuals, WOW. I LOVED the movie 300 and anything that is set in Rome or Greece and this looks to be on par with that and beyond. Lucy looks AMAZING. Andy looks INCREDIBLE! Rob has created another gem!

Watch the trailer



23 July 2009

AUSXIP Spartacus Image Galleries Now Online

With the flurry of PR for the show in full swing, I've added an images section with the latest PR photos officially released by Starz. AUSXIP has been added as a media outlet for these images. All images are copyrighted to Starz.

All these images have inspired my muse to get creative. There is a new banner on the site and I've added a slighter bigger version of this banner to the new Artwork section in the image galleries.

I've also added  pics that were sent to me from Annie who is at Comic Con - the magazine PR from the comic con program guide will be replaced with a full size scan once the troops come home.

So far the galleries are:

Promo Images

MaryD Artwork

Magazine Promos



23 July 2009

Spartacus Premiere Date - 21 January 2010 10 pm

lucretia.jpgThe date for the premiere of Spartacus Blood and Sand is scheduled for 21 January 2010 at 10 pm on Starz channel. The countdown has started.

Now this is seriously cool news that we will be having Lucy on a weekly show again AND it promises to be wonderful if the show is anything like the PR.

If you are in the US and haven't got the Starz channel, you have a few months yet to subscribe (and hopefully the show will be added to Itunes and Hulu and other places).



22 July 2009

Spartacus Promo Trading Cards and More on Official Site


The official Spartacus site has been updated with the goodies that will be available to those going to Comic Con. This site is just gorgeous. Love a beautifully designed site.

First look at Spartacus, Lucretia and the rest of the characters. Looks absolutely AWESOME!

Click here to view all the cards

Other Downloads - Wallpapers

Other goodies like Widgets



22 July 2009

Spartacus Promo Pic from Comic Con Programe Book


Lori and Annie, AUSXIP's reporters at Comic Con has sent in a scan (well an iphone pic for the moment until the full scan can be uploaded) of a promo that appears in the Comic Con program book!

Here's the first promo pic of Spartacus with a very familiar catch cry of KILL THEM ALL. Now where have we heard that before? <g>

Click on the image for the larger version.




22 July 2009

Official Spartacus Twitter Follow Spartacus Starz

The following was posted on the Official Spartacus Twitter account

Follow us @spartacus_starz DM us and we'll send you the trailer and add you to receive future Spartacus info and exclusives. #SDCC



21 July 2009

Spartacus Episode Guide Update

The Internet Movie Database Spartacus page has been updated with episode credits for cast, production (writer/director) for the first 10 episodes.

Ep: 01 Cast/Director/Writer Credits 
Ep: 02 Cast/Director/Writer Credits 
Ep: 03 Cast/Director/Writer Credits 
Ep: 04 Cast/Director/Writer Credits 
Ep: 05 Cast/Director/Writer Credits
Ep: 06 Cast/Director/Writer Credits 
Ep: 07 Cast/Director/Writer Credits 
Ep: 08 Cast/Director/Writer Credits 
Ep: 09 Cast/Director/Writer Credits 
Ep: 10 Cast/Director/Writer Credits 



15 July 2009

Official Spartacus Blood and Sand Site Now Online


The official Starz Spartacus Blood and Sand site is now live. It doesn't have much on it as yet other than brief description of the show and where you can follow news about the show:
TwitterFacebook | Message Boards



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